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You all know it, you all love it - it's Bar Juice 5000. The original imitator now being imitated for absolutely dominating the tastebuds of vapers across the country, a brand so prestiguous that we believe, in store, that they're single handedly responsible for converting thousands of people away from those dire disposables and into a taste sensation un-rivaled by its' competitors. No matter what your pursuasion is, these juices have pursuaded us to be incredibly proud to stock and support Bar Juice, and make us genuinely excited at the prospects of the new flavours and ideas they come out with.
Bar Juice 5000 is a nicotine salt; that means it's a fast acting and hard hitting nicotine perfect for emulating the same kind of hit as one of those high strength disposables, but they've come with the options of half-strength ones for those looking to quit or reduce some of the harm associated with super-strong juices. Each bottle is a 50:50 mix of VG / PG that's perfect for pod systems and kits designed for MTL vaping. In our store we recommend paring it with such kits as the Wenax, Sonder Q, OXVA or Vaporesso XROS 3 for an incredibly simple, incredibly tasty, and incredibly convenient means to go about vaping.
Curious? I know you are; luckily Bar Juice has a flavour for every occasion - including:

Banana Ice - A rich and sweet banana (think foamy banana) that draws in like a sweet milkshake, complete with icy kick.

Berry Crush - Your legally distinct VMTO flavour; a combination of juicy grapes, dark berries and soda-notes.

Blue Razz Lemonade - A summary cocktail of juicy blueberries, tart raspberries and punch lemonade.

Blueberry - Your classic sweet and tangy blueberry flavour kept pure and refreshing.

Blueberry Cherry Cranbery - A trio of the godberries with sweet blueberry and bold cherries rounded off by tart cranberry.

Blueberry Sour Rasp - For those that want a little more complexity, juicy blueberries contrasted against sour raspberry for a mouth-watering finish.

Cherry Cola - The ultimate twist on a classic drink; sweet, sweet cherries and caramel-y cola.

Fizzy Cherry - AG Barr would be proud of this sweet and juicy cherryade.

Energy Ice - Red Wings, Flying Bull, Blue Cow - it's got a thousand different names and yet one distinct flavour; perfect for those craving the taste but none of the caffeine.

Fresh Mint - Forget the hole that makes it, this minty juice has subtle sugary notes alongside a sweet menthol.

Fresh Menthol Mojito - Summer may have passed, but a Mojito never goes out of season! Fresh and punchy mint, strong yet sweet lime and icy soda-like background on the exhale.
Grape - One flavour, true, but its' bold and strong sweetness makes this black grape an instant classic!
Gummy Bear - The ultimate snack-craving-maker! Fruity, sugary-sweet blend of mixed fruits and that odd gummy bear taste that you can never quite put your finger on!

Lemon & Lime - You all know it, you all love it, strong and punchy lemon backed up by a sweet and curious lime evoking pre-sugar-tax lemonade.

Strawberry Cherry Raspberry - The most popular juice in store! Classic red berry flavours layered atop each other; the sweet strawberry contrasted by tangy raspberry, then rounded by the deep and rich cherry. Mmm...
Strawberry Banana - A froob by any other name; sweet strawberry and creamy banana rolled into one!
Strawberry Kiwi - Bar Juice's signature strawberry sweetness contrasted by fresh, ripe kiwi.
Triple Mango - I don't know of any other type of mango but this juice definitely tastes like a triple-concentrate of amazing mango, complete with sugary-sweetness yet subtly tart finish.

Watermelon Ice - Single note, but sings a tune by itself! Strong, fresh, juicy and over-ripe watermelon combined with cooling ice; like a buffet abroad when you're trying to snack "healthily".

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