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Geek Vape Z 0.25 Ohm Zeus DUAL Coil

Geek Vape Z 0.25 Ohm Zeus DUAL Coil

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Geek Vape Z0.25 Zeus Coils 0.25 Ohm

Genuine replacement Geek Vape Z0.25 dual mesh coils 0.25Ω Ohm.

Wattage range 45-57W.

Take care when ordering because coils can be very confusing. You need the correct coil for the pod or tank you're using. If in any doubt, read what it says on the coil you already have to ensure you have the correct item.

Applicable to the following Geek Vape devices (this list may date as new products are released):

    Geek Vape Z Sub-Ohm Tank
    Geek Vape Z Sub-Ohm 2021 Tank
    Geek Vape Z Sub-Ohm SE Tank
    Geek Vape Z200 Kit (Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank)
    Geek Vape L200 Kit
    Geek Vape Obelisk 120 FC

Coils in the Geek Vape Z series:

    Z0.15 - 0.15Ω Ohm (80-90W)
    Z0.15 XM - 0.15Ω Ohm (70-85W) mesh coil
    Z0.2 - 0.2Ω Ohm (70-80W) mesh coil
    Z0.25 - 0.25Ω Ohm (45-57W) dual mesh coil
    Z0.4 - 0.4Ω Ohm (50-60W) mesh coil
    Z0.4 XM - 0.4Ω Ohm (50-60W) mesh coil

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