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Zeus Juice is back with more bolts from the blue; a myriad of new and amazing flavours made by the UK's most popular vape juice creator... And not only that, but aside from their signature range they've expanded to include even more dynamic flavours, each with their own unique intensity and profile that'll have you desperate for more. Each 50ml is a budget friendly option to try something new and exciting, just add a single shot of nic (not a drop!) or you preferred mixer and puff your way through the good times.


Zeus has got a flavour for everyone as their range includes;


  • WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA: Your go to in the morning; quality coffee beans combined with the sweet and rich notes of white chocolate.
  • VANILLA CUSTARD: Sweet and moreish custard with pure vanilla background. It's a velvety treat that'll satiate your craving for the best part of a trifle.
  • BANANA CUSTARD: If vanilla wasn't enough for you, add some sweet bananas into the mix and all you'll need is some caramel for the most perfect calorie free banoffee pie in the world..
  • STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: A summery sweey treat, evocative strawberries topping off a sweet and moreish fresh cake background and sweet, creamy, undertones.
  • MANGO LYCHEE MENTHOL: A tropical infusion that'll bring a little taste of holiday home; the refreshing taste of ripe mango combined with aromatic lychee, topped off with an equally sweet and cool menthol background.
  • LIME SLUSH: An odd mix to be heard, but you'll understand it when you taste it! It's a hydrating sour lime combined with super cold crushed ice. This is a treat for those who like it tart, refreshing and fruity.
  • ICED BERRIES: One of the fruitiest fruit flavours out there! A berry blend that's never bland, all combined with a strong icy background to give you feeling of an refreshing drink after a day at the fair.
  • FRUIT PUNCH: Despite the lack of ice this Fruit Punch doesn't pull any punches! Vibrant, quenching and fruitily sweet, it's a colourful combination that leaves you a juicy aftertaste.
  • CHERRY COLA: The classic, the iconic, the un-parraleled. Sublime sweetness smashed with rich, dark cherries combined with notes of fizzy soda to leave your mouth watering.


The range doesn't end there as Zeus have even more amazing flavours!


  • BANANA ICE - It's about time! One of the best flavours out there now done by Zeus! Sweet, refreshing banana with milky backgrounds packed together with a chunk of ice! A banana smoothie experience that'll have mcdonalds eating its' cholestral dense heart out.
  • STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM - A surprising one.. It's strawberry ice cream, true.. But the cream is nothing you've had before.. It's spot on ice cream cream; not fresh cream, whipped cream or squirty cream, but ice cream cream.. Sounds silly but it's so.. so good..
  • BLACKCURRANT LEMON - This sounds like a weird mix until you try it, but once you have you're not how sweet and moreish it really is. Sweet and juicy blackcurrant, soft like Ribena but with a sweeter lemon note that's more sherbert than citrus.. Mmm..
  • APPLE & GRAPEFRUIT - Don't expect for that grapefruit to be like a punch in the mouth; this is more your holiday grapefruit breakfast, smothered in a helping of sweetness then contrasts with the luxurious apple.
  • COLA ICE - It's cola. Not coke, not pepsi, but cola. The purest form of cola too, like cola bottles - you know the sort, the artificial-y taste that's sweet, slightly caramel, yet somehow fruity.
  • LIGHTNING DRINK - Not white lightning, but the lightning you feel after downing two cans of energy drink and a hand full of painkillers on an empty stomach. Sweet, with light icy background, this refreshing drink tastes like the crimson cow with wings.. Or the red wing.. Or Blue Ox. Or any kind of not-quite-the-brand imitation name you can think of.. But we all know it's just red bull.
  • PEACH LEMON - Another fruity drink, this time the lemon isn't quite so understated. This time it provides a prominent citrus twinge that's backed by a gorgeous sweet and caramalised peach. (If you've ever put a peach on a barbecue for a little while it reminds me of that, and if you haven't you should!)
  • MANGO & GUAVA - For those that love the taste of tropical fruits then there's little better in Zeus' range at the moment. A strong guava taste at first followed by a sweet and sugary mango that lingers on the tongue.
  • KIWI & PASSIONFRUIT - More sweet and subtle flavours here; with a rich passionfruit taste bursting up front before it leads into a smooth and delicate kiwi background.
  • STRAWBERRY & KIWI - An absolutely classic flavour that's finally come in with Zeus Juice; a ripe, fresh and sweet strawberry (Like wild strawberry) that's married together with the sumptuousness of delicate kiwi.


Official Zeus Juice Product.
Made with high quality ingredients to ensure flavours do not fade.
Tamper-evident seal with drop-down indicator & childproof cap.
Easy open, easy fill shortfill bottles capable of fitting one 10ml nicshot each.
Bottles & caps both made from recycled plastic, with all product made within an ISO Class 7 Clean Room
Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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